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10 Things to tell Management about Scrum and Agile

I was recently asked, “what does management need to know about Scrum?” Here is my answer, in 10 bullet points: Market forces are driving shifts in […]

Joe Justice + Peter Stevens: Certified Scrum Master for Management and Manufacturing

with Joe Justice &Peter Stevens Scrum beyond Software: Applying Scrum to Manufacturing and Management. Joe Justice withWIKISPEED 100mpg Prototype Are you enjoying what Scrum Project Management […]

Dimensions of Power: What can you influence, and how much?

How much power do you have in your organization? What dominates decisions in your company? Doing what’s best or political considerations? How strong is the influence […]

Toasting Management in #stoos? Anstossen or anstoosen?

In ten days or so, barring bad weather or last minute emergencies, some 22 thought leaders, idea farmers, managers, agilists, community leaders or otherwise interesting people […]

More ideas on How To Start Global Managment Warming in #Stoos

The interest is great, and feedback equally so. Today feedback from: Sigi Kaltenegger on whether a big gesture will be helpful Scott C. Schuck on learning […]

Ideas on How to Start Global Management Warming in #stoos

Our call for help in preparation for the #Stoos Gathering has spurred much discussion throughout the web (see also here and here). Today feedback from Andreas […]

Collaboration Work-Thru: Tapping the Knowledge of Your People

“We don’t want to do Scrum.” In the room were about 16 middle-managers. I had presented them Scrum on three different occasions, answered their questions, done […]

Thinking every day – Thoughts for July 2011

I thought putting out a radical management thought for the day (#RMtftD) would be a cool thing to do. It would attract attention, stimulate conversations, and […]

#SGUS: Jeff Sutherland: What does Management Do Under Scrum

Jeff Sutherland at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando. What is the role of management in a Scrum environment: Have a business model that works  Ensure that […]