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Larry Pakieser: Performing with Precision thanks to The Personal Agility System

When Maria and I started to collaborate on Personal Agility, we did market research to find out what people wanted from a better way of organizing […]

Sharon Guerin: From Struggling to Thriving with the Personal Agility System

In these case studies on Personal Agility, you will find the true stories, mostly in the people’s own words, of how The Personal Agility System™ helped […]
Portrait on Tuhan Sapumanage

Tuhan Sapumanage: Achieving an Honors Degree and more with the Personal Agility System

In April 2019, Tuhan Sapumanage from Colombo, Sri Lanka was a last-year student at Coventry University (UK), working towards his BSc (Hons) Computing. He was also […]
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What is the difference between Personal Kanban and the Personal Agility System?

I am often asked how the Personal Agility System (“PAS”) compares to Scrum or Personal Kanban. It may surprise you, but I was doing Personal Kanban […]
Hi Res Portrait of Hugo Lourenco

Hugo Lourenco: From Hard Work to Smart Work with the Personal Agility System

Many of us have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Why do people stay in that situation. Often because they feel […]
Portrait of Walter Stulzer

Walter Stulzer: From Red Ink to Black Ink with Personal Agility

“I needed to change basic things fast to save the company.”— Walter Stulzer Walter Stulzer is the executive director of Futureworks, a creative consultancy in Zurich, […]
Portrait of Shweta Jaiswal

Shweta Jaiswal: becoming a successful entrepreneur with Personal Agility

“Personal Agility helped me create a life I thought I’d never have.”― Sharon Guerin Since Maria and I started sharing the Personal Agility System, real people […]
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Why I am staying with online courses

The good news here in Switzerland is that infections are down, way down, deaths are down, and it looks like more than half of the active […]
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Trying out Jamboard for online sticky notes

Today I made my first jamboard to visualize the evaluation of last week’s online CSM class. (Thank you again, Janani for introducing me to jamboard!) Creating […]