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Case Study: Finding the right job through focus, clarity and direction

Sara A. (name changed) started working with me while being supported by the regional unemployment office (“RAV” as it’s known here in Switzerland) in her efforts […]

Guidewire: Waterfall is more expensive – 1

Scrum is in fact being used as an organizing principle in large and growing companies. Yesterday, Stuart Read came to the Scrum Breakfast in Zürich to […]

Scrum Breakfast in Zürich, Guidewire Case Study

[ Update – some 30 people attended – part 1 of the summary is now online ] This month we are honored to have a special […]

From Scream to Scrum

On Wednesday, Patrick Weiss, Director of eBusiness Solutions for Publiconnect, came to the Scrum Breakfast in Zurich to talk about his experiences as Customer / Product-Owner […]


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