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What are people saying about The Personal Agility System?

2020 Is the year The Personal Agility System (PAS) really got off the ground. In January, Maria introduced me to “The Culinary Queen” Sharon Guerin. She […]

Meetings Magnify Multitasking

Bureaucracy is the missing waste. Switching costs are not enough to explain the productivity losses due to multitasking, but bureaucracy could. Here is why

3 Tips to Beat Multitasking

Multitasking is evil because it kills your performance. Three reasons why multitasking is hurts your performance, and three tips for dealing with it and being more efficient at work.

Good Meetings FAQ

Are meetings always bad? 👉 Of course not. Still they are expensive… Here is my Meetings FAQ to help you have fewer and better meetings.

Peter’s Protocols for Sustainable Meetings

You can get your meetings under control. Try these meeting protocols for more energy and effectiveness in your team.

Rethink your meetings in 5 Steps

Too many meetings can be a challenging problem Here is five-step deep dive into your calendar. Cancel or delegate 20% for more time for more valuable work

Four tips for better and fewer meetings

Are you tired of endless meetings? You’re not alone! Four tips for better and fewer meetings!

The Too Many Meetings Problem

What is the problem with too many meetings? Time is money, and I believe most companies have huge potential to up their power without additional cost. […]

Does Scrum Actually Work?

“Does Scrum actually work?” asks Willem-Jan Ageling in a post today on LinkedIn. I think the issue with Scrum is less the definition of Scrum and […]

Mini-Retreat in the Mountains

Discover a new approach to to problem solving: Are you facing a challenge in your organization? Would you like a fresh perspective? Would you like a […]