Personal Agility (RC2)

Personal Agility is a simple framework for people who want to do more that matters and have more impact through their actions. This article explains Personal Agility and how to use it to achieve your goals. As a release candidate, the information below is correct, but not necessary complete. This document assumes some familiarity with Scrum, which needs to be de-emphasized in...

CSPO auf Deutsch

By customer demand, I will be holding a CSPO course in German this year! December 14-16, 2016. The date is guaranteed! You can register here or check out the other dates and course description.

My Personal Scrum (RC1)

Update: This has been superseded by Release Candidate 2 How do I do Scrum if I have no team? — Participant at my last CSM class in Porto I have long joked that my team consists of me, myself and I. How can I apply Scrum to my own situation? — Peter Stevens My Personal Scrum is a simple framework for...

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