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Agility reaches for the stars

I am excited! Today SpaceX will attempt to launch Starship. Let’s explore how SpaceX demonstrates that agility works and how it challenges the precepts behind agility.

Increase Company Productivity by 40%?

Increase company productivity by 40 to 50%? Easy. Cancel all your meetings, then be intentional about the meetings you reintroduce. Shopify just delivered the proof. From […]

How to Define Your Dream Job

Imagine your dream job… and that someone is looking for you to fill that role! Read on for nine factors that make it easier for your dream job to find you!

How to Write a Compelling Case Study

A good case study is true, authentic, believable, and compelling. Your prospective client feels the impact of your collaboration.

How to Activate the Collective Intelligence of Your Team

Enlist the wisdom of your peers with the PAS Collective Problem-Solving Canvas

How to create alignment with a stakeholder

Start with who, move on to why, then finish with What Really Matters! Build better relationships with your stakeholders by engaging them through the PAS Stakeholder Canvas.

How to Be a Better Problem-Solver

You can be a better problem-solver by asking the right questions at the right time. Here is a simple, 5-step approach to help anybody address a challenge!

Are you making Scrum harder than it is?

Are you making Scrum harder than it is? Focus on the essentials to get better results, sooner!

Product Owners can make decisions, can’t they?

Product Owners, do you have the necessary authority to do your job? What status in the company do you need to be able to make decisions about the product?