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When should you apply Scrum?

… and when not? I was really surprised to discover it is not easy to find an answer this question. Let’s look at what Scrum is, […]

Working towards my Personal Scrum

Two weeks ago I read an article that changed how I organize my life. I have a problem. Despite teaching people and organizations how to organize […]

What’s the difference Scrum or Kanban?

Scrum or Kanban, that is the question that keeps coming up! But is it really an either/or question? Some people would have you choose. I believe […]

What powerful questions does Scrum help you answer?

The video on powerful questions made me think about the deeper purpose of the various Scrum activities. Can I formulate Scrum as a series of Powerful […]

Tips for CST Aspirants

So you want to become a Certified Scrum Trainer? What does it take to become a CST? I facilitated a workshop at the Phoenix Scrum Gathering […]

What does it take to be a good Scrum Trainer…

… and, who would like some kind of training to help become one? The Doctor: Am I a good man?Clara: I don’t know. But I think […]

How many people do you need in your team?

How big should your team be? It depends on what your goal is. In my classes, I have been showing the relationship between project size, cost […]

Why are you doing Scrum?

I am often asked questions like, “What do I do in Scrum when my team is spread across three locations?” My answer is usually something like, […]

What is the Agile Way to Adopt Agile?

Pearl Zhu just posted an interesting question on the Stoos linkedin group. “What is the agile way to adopt agile?” Her answer did not resonate much with […]