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Why Twitter is Struggling under Elon Musk

From the day Musk took over, it seemed Twitter was a house on fire. The Twitter take-over cost Elon Musk his allures of being a Tony Stark-like superhero. Why? Three factors stand out through their absence: Vision, Respect, and Confidence.

Navigating the Sales Process: Selling Your Services with Personal Agility

Use the PAS Sales Flow to turbocharge your sales process. Visualize the entire process to make clear when action is needed or something is stuck.

Five Steps to Defeat Dependencies

Here is five step process to get your dependencies out of the way, so you can move forward, faster.

Meetings Magnify Multitasking

Bureaucracy is the missing waste. Switching costs are not enough to explain the productivity losses due to multitasking, but bureaucracy could. Here is why

3 Tips to Beat Multitasking

Multitasking is evil because it kills your performance. Three reasons why multitasking is hurts your performance, and three tips for dealing with it and being more efficient at work.

You lost your job, now what?

It is hard to find a new job these days, especially when you don’t currently have one. It has gotten so easy to apply for a […]

Case Study: Finding the right job through focus, clarity and direction

Sara A. (name changed) started working with me while being supported by the regional unemployment office (“RAV” as it’s known here in Switzerland) in her efforts […]

What are people saying about The Personal Agility System?

2020 Is the year The Personal Agility System (PAS) really got off the ground. In January, Maria introduced me to “The Culinary Queen” Sharon Guerin. She […]

What is the value of coaching?

This question appeared recently on a private mailing list for agile trainers and coaches and was met by some skepticism as to whether there would be […]