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Walter Stulzer: From Red Ink to Black Ink with Personal Agility

“I needed to change basic things fast to save the company.”— Walter Stulzer Walter Stulzer is the executive director of Futureworks, a creative consultancy in Zurich, […]

Shweta Jaiswal: becoming a successful entrepreneur with Personal Agility

“Personal Agility helped me create a life I thought I’d never have.”― Sharon Guerin Since Maria and I started sharing the Personal Agility System, real people […]

Why I am staying with online courses

The good news here in Switzerland is that infections are down, way down, deaths are down, and it looks like more than half of the active […]

Trying out Jamboard for online sticky notes

Today I made my first jamboard to visualize the evaluation of last week’s online CSM class. (Thank you again, Janani for introducing me to jamboard!) Creating […]

Scrum Training and My Career

I spoke recently with Francesco Ambrosiano, now Head of Product at Nanos in Zurich, Switzerland. Here is what he had to say about his experience in […]

What if work-from-home is here to stay?

Zurich Fintech Numbrs just announced that working from home will continue after the end of the Coronavirus lockdown because productivity is better. I have heard that […]

How did the dopamine detox go?

Last week, I decided a decided that a dopamine detox would be good thing. It was too easy to get distracted, too hard to get actual […]

Do you need a dopamine detox?

“What books do you read?” This question caught me a bit by surprise during my talk on how I found direction and purpose during the Corona […]

Finding orientation in a chaotic world

The 6th question of Personal Agility is “Who can help?” and now I know why. A few weeks ago, Maria Matarelli (my partner in the Personal […]


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